NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion Massager with Heat, Variable Speed Adjustment and Anti Slip Design


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  • 6 INTERCHANGEABLE NODES: This NURSAL portable massager has 6 interchangeable nodes for a different massage experience. You can use them to massage any part of your body. The soft rubber hammer design gives you a new massage experience, providing more comfort in your leisure time.
  • VARIABLE SPEED ADJUSTMENT: With the variable speed feature, you have a wide-range of speeds to easily choose from. Just select your desired speed, relax, and enjoy fantastic massage experience.
  • PERCUSSION ACTION MASSAGER WITH HEAT: With just the click of a button it’s easy to start the heat function of this massager. Increasing blood circulation is one of the benefits of this feature. Besides this, it also allows tense muscles to be relaxed and soothed.
  • MULTIPLE MASSAGE FUNCTIONS: The Deep percussion massager can be used to promote blood circulation, relieve swelling and pressure. The deep tissue massager for muscle pain helps relieve muscle tension, increase flexibility and eliminate fatigue.
  • STLYISH AND SOFT DESIGN: The soft rubber hammer provides you with a massage experience that is more comfortable. The novel design is ergonomic and has an anti-slip handle. It is portable and easy to get to access areas such as shoulders, knees, neck, legs, feet and so on. Get rid of heavy, cumbersome massage machines — The NURSAL massager weighs just 1.1kg — making it your best choice.




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Relieve Pain and Fatigue — Start Now!

This massager is a muscle relaxer. It provides a deep tissue massage and you can switch heads for the type of massage you desire. You can use it to loosen those tight muscles on the head, neck, back, forearms, elbows, legs or any other part of your body. It’s powerful and the different heads really can target your aching tendons and fatigued muscles.

Do you have any illnesses that cause you discomfort? 
If so, this massager will help you relieve some of your pain. It can benefit people with conditions such as sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and people with knee or shoulder injuries and so on. It makes a great purchase for elderly people too, who often experience aches and pains of some sort. The intensity of this massager helps to reduce or eliminate the pain.

Product features:
* Soft rubber hammer design makes for a more comfortable massage.
* Infinite speed adjustment function means you can control massage strength.
* Long, anti-slip handle, can massage any position on your back.
* Relieve swelling, increase muscle flexibility, help relieve muscle tension.
* Ergonomic and novel design.
* Heat function provides a soothing feeling on your muscles and will help you relax.

Product Specification: 
Model: MD-999
Voltage: 110V
Rated power: 15W
Cord length: Approx. 180cm (71 inches)
Weight: 1.1kg/2.4 lb
Vibration frequency: About 50-60 times per second

Package Included:
1 x Percussion massager
6 x Interchangeable massage attachments
1 x User manual

Note regarding the WEIGHT: The weight of this massager is 1.1kg/2.4 lb. It has been designed to provide a high-quality massage and to be suitable for most people. Please consider if this weight is suitable for you before purchase.

52 reviews for NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion Massager with Heat, Variable Speed Adjustment and Anti Slip Design

  1. Tara Stephan

    Arrived fast and well packaged. I had a Homedics 2-headed monster that finally had the power cord break from wear n tear. It was heavy and had a strong percussion. I love this one. The dial turns up high enough and the multi heads and lightweight handle it much easier to manipulate than the clunky, old one. You can feel the heat. The different heads do feel like they would be adaptable to anything you’re looking for.

  2. caitlin creese

    Five Stars
    This is a great massager. It’s big but easy to use

  3. Grace Oudin

    Great Buy!
    Love this product! Used for post op Lipo and BBL.

  4. Chau Tran

    Works well but handle is short and heavy
    It works pretty well but I wish the handle would be longer

  5. Dexter A Shumaker

    Strong product
    Purchased as a gift for my wife. She enjoys the product very much. Although sometime difficult to hold, depending on the area of her back or shoulders she is using the device, she is very pleased with the power of the massager. The heat function is also very calming and relaxing on tense muscles.

  6. Kathy Zawadzski


  7. denise s.

    Great product
    Very good for getting knots out of overworked muscles. It helps my shoulders and backache!

  8. Jason

    Heavy but super helpful!
    Although it may be a bit heavy, it is a very helpful product that has proven useful in its techniques and does what it says it will do.

  9. Jessica G. Amazonian

    Good but heavy
    Good massager just a tad heavy and doesn’t heat much.

  10. Ron/Murphy 13

    Very good and powerful massager

  11. Amazon Customer

    Love the heated massage
    Easy to use. of interchangeable heads. And price.

  12. jkk5163

    Almost perfect!
    The attachments, specifically the two for heat, are really effective and helps to work out any knots in your back. I suffer from frequent headaches and this massager helps to hit those trigger points and give my head some relief. My only complaint is that the scalp massager doesn’t work well in my opinion because the vibration makes the massager bounce against your head, not massage it.

  13. what it worth

    Four Stars
    i like the heads

  14. A. Son

    Five Stars
    Amazing product! Easy to use.

  15. Paul P Chan

    Very nice massager
    Very nice massager. It comes with so many massaging heads. Two of them (the aluminum ones) can heat to about 120 degrees. Very comfortable. The assembly of the massaging heads is super easy. It is a little heavy though.

  16. Robert Lane

    Five Stars

  17. Lisa O.

    Perfect for soothing away knots!
    We love the variable speed and the different heads you can use with this. My husband has had two back surgeries and this massager takes out the knots. I will definitely buy this again (but hopefully not very soon as it seems to be very sturdy).

  18. G. Kilgore

    Five Stars
    Great product!

  19. Tamara Lineberry

    Five Stars
    Love it!

  20. Patti W

    Four Stars
    It works well but the nodes are kind of hard to get on and off.

  21. Nancy

    Great price, use it after work everyday on my …
    Great price, use it after work everyday on my arch of foot and leg muscles, and makes easy to reach handle for lower back and shoulder muscles

  22. Linda Lindsay

    It does the job!
    I go back and forth on whether I like this. I had it on the low setting and it was bouncing all over my spine (ridiculous!) and then my husband suggested I put it on full strength. I thought that would be way too hard, but it quit bouncing. I really like all the different heads you can experiment with and get the one that works the best for the area you need it for. I have a spot in the middle of my back that drives me crazy sometimes and this does get it. Not too fond of using it, but it really does the job. I don’t think the heating aspect works at all.

  23. donrie

    Works Great
    Does a really good job, kinda wish handle wasn’t so curved bc it makes it difficult when using on someone else..

  24. clifton cromer

    Five Stars
    Love it but after a while it get to heavy to hold

  25. Roscoe Rulz

  26. cohenshaked

    Best massager ever!!! Has a heat button, perfect!

  27. Mrs.B

    Great messager
    I love this messages, the attachments are great and just the right amount of heat I use it with tiger balm after a workout

  28. Benjamin Lee Spencer

    Good-bye muscle aches.
    Oh my goodness, this thing is strong and can turn you into pudding. A little heavy but keeps on kicking so I’ll put up with it’s weight.

  29. Gena/Thomas

    It works
    Better than buying one for double the price at Brookstone. There are only like two attachments that actually do anything but it’s small enough to take with you traveling and it’s strong enough to get some knots out. It also has a heating function which is good I guess but if I had to buy another one maybe I would get one that has rotating knobs or something because this one only vibrates and basically just digs into one spot.

  30. Marcella Y Asp

    I was really happy with how fast I received it
    I just purchased the massager this past week and first off, I was really happy with how fast I received it. So far since I received it I have only used the one node, with the heat option. I still have to tweak using it by myself but so far the muscles in my lower back felt a little better after massaging it.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    I like the Heat on along with the percussion to help with relieving my pain from inflammation.

  32. Amazon Customer

    Relieves stress
    This has helped me relieve so e stress, it helps me to relax.

  33. mdj34

    Bought this one because my previous one died after 9 years. This one works ‘ok’, wish it was more powerful. No where near as stronng as my old one.

  34. B J Salsbury

    I love
    I use this a lot, I love it

  35. Dawn M. Mellon

    This is the best thing I’ve bought in years
    Money well spent! This is the best thing I’ve bought in years. Love love love it

  36. freerider

    Five Stars
    Great deal and produxt

  37. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    It was very effective on muscle cramps.

  38. Al fayez

    Pinpoint action
    Customer service is fantastic, product works great and really works the knots out

  39. Michelle

    Works good for pressure points on the body but if you …
    Works good for pressure points on the body but if you are looking for a really deep massage this does not have that kind of power.

  40. Yekaterina Murashova

    Good quality, nice attachments.
    Read many different product reviews before settling with this one and I am glad I did. Appears to be good quality and the low setting is gentle enough to use on my dog. Cons: heat takes a couple minutes or more to heat up which seems long in my opinion and the handle is curved to make it easier to massage yourself which is sometimes inconvenient when massaging another person.

  41. Amanda

    … in the store for my birthday and it was crappy, I ended up returning it
    So I bought a big band named one of these in the store for my birthday and it was crappy, I ended up returning it. I bought this and its AMAZING! I am so glad I bought this! The different types of tops are amazing too. So worth it.

  42. shirley clauson

    Four Stars

  43. Keri Pannell

    Exactly what I needed!!
    I work as a secretary so I spend lots of time sitting. My hubby works outside lifting and bending. We BOTH have back pain frequently. I have tried many things, but THIS product is a win!! I am so happy that I found this item! The heating massage attachment is the favorite. This has a great motor and massages deep. It has a large handle so it can easily be used on yourself, but it is a little bulky when using on someone else. We seriously use this at least every other night! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!

  44. HvilleMama

    Amazing! My best friend and I got away for the weekend… No kids, no hubby’s… Used it on those tense shoulders… Just wonderful. Then we realized it heats!!! You won’t be disappointed

  45. Elizabeth Houzenga

    Five Stars
    Love it. Useful for most of my muscle tightness

  46. 4kids4me

    Great Massager
    Love this massager. It’s great to massage those really sore areas.

  47. Richard Massa

  48. Melanie

    Good product, a little heavy
    I had to return this product, as it didn’t end up being what I was looking for. It’s a little too heavy for me, and because it is sort off curved, that didn’t work for my purposes. BUT……….it works great. Nice vibrations, lots of different ends to put on. The product is great, but I was looking for a lighter product and a straight product. So had to return it. I did find what I was looking for, for $80 more $$$. Very light HoMedics product that also has infra-red. I didn’t want to give this less than 4 stars, as I think the product is good, just wish it had a little more description on weight and the curve.

  49. GM

    Five Stars
    Very nice massager with heat.

  50. Jill Rager

    I’m in heaven with this purchase
    Durable and well made. Larger and sturdier than I had anticipated. I love the heat setting and multiple heads for different massage. I no longer have to bug my husband to rub my back and/or shoulders. Im extremely happy with this purchase

  51. Desdemona

    Works wonders! Powerful, 6 interchangeable heads, and warming feature.
    As someone with a bad back I need a good massager. I’ve tried several different types and several different brands of massager. So far this is my favorite. It’s the most effective at getting rid of knots and other back pain. But the great thing is that it helps with other areas. With the 6 interchangeable nodes (Scalp massage, Scrape massage, Point Rou massage, Peeling thermal therapy massage, local peeling massage, Kneading massage) I am able to use it on other problem areas. It’s helped reduce my headaches and also helps with my feet. One of the things that sets this massager apart from others is the heat option. It takes a few minutes for the warmth to really be warm but it’s really helpful when coupled with the strength of this massager. I highly recommend this massager. It’s powerful enough to get all your knots out.

  52. Dallas F

    Works out knots great!
    I bought myself this as a Birthday Present and I’m so obsessed! It works so well. I have so many knots in my back and shoulders and this massager really works them out without leaving me sore after like a traditional massage does.

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