6 Interchangeable Nodes Massager, Nursal Handheld Deep Percussion Massager with Heat, Variable Speed Adjustment & Anti Slip Design


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  • 6 INTERCHANGEABLE NODES: This TEC.BEAN portable massager has 6 interchangeable nodes for a different massage experience. You can use them to massage any part of your body. The soft rubber hammer design gives you a new massage experience, providing more comfort in your leisure time.
  • VARIABLE SPEED ADJUSTMENT: With the variable speed feature, you have a wide-range of speeds to easily choose from. Just select your desired speed, relax, and enjoy fantastic massage experience.
  • MULTIPLE MASSAGE FUNCTIONS: The Deep percussion massager can be used to promote blood circulation, relieve swelling and pressure. The deep tissue massager for muscle pain helps relieve muscle tension, increase flexibility and eliminate fatigue.
  • PERCUSSION ACTION MASSAGER WITH HEAT: With just the click of a button it’s easy to start the heat function of this massager. Increasing blood circulation is one of the benefits of this feature. Besides this, it also allows tense muscles to be relaxed and soothed.
  • STLYISH AND SOFT DESIGN: The soft rubber hammer provides you with a massage experience that is more comfortable. The novel design is ergonomic and has an anti-slip handle. It is portable and easy to get to access areas such as shoulders, knees, neck, legs, feet and so on. Get rid of heavy, cumbersome massage machines- The TEC.BEAN massager weighs just 1.1kg- making it your best choice.


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Product description

Relieve Pain and Fatigue–Start Now!

This massager is a muscle relaxer. It provides a deep tissue massage and you can switch heads for the type of massage you desire. You can use it to loosen those tight muscles on the head, neck, back, forearms, elbows, legs or any other part of your body. It’s powerful and the different heads really can target your aching tendons and fatigued muscles.

Do you have any illnesses that cause you discomfort? 
If so, this massager will help you relieve some of your pain. It can benefit people with conditions such as sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and people with knee or shoulder injuries and so on. It makes a great purchase for elderly people too, who often experience aches and pains of some sort. The intensity of this massager helps to reduce or eliminate the pain.

Product features:
* Soft rubber hammer design makes for a more comfortable massage.
* Infinite speed adjustment function means you can control massage strength.
* Long, anti-slip handle, can massage any position on your back.
* Heat function provides a soothing feeling on your muscles.

Product Specification: 
Voltage: 220V
Rated power: 15W
Cord length: Approx. 180cm (71inches)
Weight: 1.1kg/2.4 lb
Vibration frequency: About 50-60times per second

Package Included:
1 x Percussion massager
6 x Interchangeable massage attachments
1 x User manual

Note regarding the WEIGHT: The weight of this massager is 1.1kg/2.4 lb. It has been designed to provide a high-quality massage and to be suitable for most people. Please consider if this weight is suitable for you before purchase.


Question: Is this really good for whole back? I have really bad back pain from upper shoulder till tail born.
Answer: Yes, we use this for all types of muscle. Our patients prefer this massager over many others that we have used. The level of pressure is easily controlled and the adjustable speed is easy to access even in operation. We highly recommend it.

Question: Do the heads percuss, rotate, or both?
Answer: Hello Carrie, heads just rotate. Good heat too.

Question: Can the mesh be washed & if so how?
Answer: Yes, the mesh can be HAND washed. Rinse it under running water, apply laundry or dish soap to clean it, then rinse well. Air dry. Voila! You’ve got a clean mesh. I love this Massager! It works really really well for sore muscles. Lots of power!

Question: Can you control the vibration?
Answer: You can control the intensity of the vibration by increasing or decreasing the intensity button.

Question: Does this have to be plugged in


Customer Review: An unforgettable massage at home. Priceless!


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