[Limited Promotion] NURSAL Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat and Adjustable Intensity & Speed, 3D Deep Shiatsu Kneading Massager for Blood Circulation, Muscle Pain Relief


  • Ergonomic 3D design: Unique 3D smart design . The soft leather and two hand loops make the massager easily to be fixed on your neck, shoulders, back, legs, arms, and thighs for soothing your full-body at your home and office.Safely touch skin, fabric and delicate surfaces.
  • 4 kneading rolls and 2 extrusion nodes: This finger-necked neck and shoulder massager has 4 kneading rolls and 2 pinch nodes. It will rub your neck, shoulders and pinch your back at the same time, which effectively soothes the neck sore muscles and relieves shoulder and back pain.
  • Heating function: heating function can be used. Improves and promotes blood circulation in the neck, shoulders and back to relieve pain and fatigue.
  • Adjustable mode and speed: 2 powerful massage modes for easy selection. The required speed can be achieved with a simple adjustment. The mode and speed indicators will signal simultaneously.
  • Ultra-quiet function and power-off protection: Use high-stability DC motors with anti-interference and anti-static functions to reduce noise pollution. It will automatically turn off after 10 minutes. Special Note: This product weighs approximately 3KG,it is recommended that you use it in your home, office or car seat.

UPC: 754970030689


Great for Stiff and Fatigue in Neck, Shoulder and Upper back!
After exhausted work per day, you really need a Kneading Neck and Shoulder Massager for your tired body! 3D designed massager, which like human hands, is the most relaxing and comfortable touch on your neck, shoulder and upper back.

Powerful Kneading Rollers and Pinching Nodes
It has 4 kneading rollers and 2 pinching nodes.The 4 rollers will knead your neck and shoulder, at the same time, the 2 nodes will pinch your shoulder and upper back.

Heating function 
ONE BUTTON to heating function, if you need. Warm your muscle and soothing your aching muscles.

Safety & Smarter Massager
With 12V DC regulated power output. It is safe for your usage about 10-minute automatic shut-off. Anti-interference and anti-static capabilities reduces noise pollution and gives you a silence massage night.

People who should not use this device:
• Persons with osteoporosis, heart problems or wearing electronic medical devices such as pacemakers
• Pregnant or menstruating women
• Persons with a wound around possible contact areas or a skin disorder/disease
• Children under the age of 12 or persons with disabilities
• Persons who are not feeling well and were ordered by their physicians to rest

We provide one year warranty and best customer service.


Question: Is this really good for whole back? I have really bad back pain from upper shoulder till tail born.
Answer: Yes, we use this for all types of muscle. Our patients prefer this massager over many others that we have used. The level of pressure is easily controlled and the adjustable speed is easy to access even in operation. We highly recommend it.

Question: Do the heads percuss, rotate, or both?
Answer: Hello Carrie, heads just rotate. Good heat too.

Question: Can the mesh be washed & if so how?
Answer: Yes, the mesh can be HAND washed. Rinse it under running water, apply laundry or dish soap to clean it, then rinse well. Air dry. Voila! You’ve got a clean mesh. I love this Massager! It works really really well for sore muscles. Lots of power!

Question: Can you control the vibration?
Answer: You can control the intensity of the vibration by increasing or decreasing the intensity button.

Question: Does this have to be plugged in


Customer Review: An unforgettable massage at home. Priceless!


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