NURSAL Electric Back Handheld Massager, Deep Tissu Percussion Massage with 4 INTERCHANGEABLE NODES for Full Body, Blood Circulation, Muscle Pain Relief


  • 4 INTERCHANGEABLE NODES–The handheld massager meets all your massaging needs whether it is the feet, calves,thighs, back, waist, buttocks, arms and hands.
  • WIDE RANGE OF VARIABLE SPEEDS–The massager possesses a wide range of speeds tailored for any desired effect. Enjoy a relaxing massage at work or home with the portable massager.
  • Portability and flexibility: Upgraded handheld and wireless design, you can bring it to your home, office and anywhere.Portability with your massage: Lightweight (only 1 kg) yet powerful.
  • RELIEF FATIGUE & PAIN–The deep-tissue percussion therapy massager can relieve muscle tension, knots, spasms, aches and pains. Deep tissue-massage helps in releasing trigger points, relaxing the muscles and and gaining a greater range of motion.
  • A GREAT GIFT – A thoughtful and perfect gift for people who work long hours or are tired of exercise. Ergonomic design – The anti-slip handle with streamline design makes the portable massager easy to grip,Environmentally friendly ABS material, durable.



Do you wanna eliminate fat and relieve fatigue simultaneously? Get this massager NOW!

It promotes blood circulation thus increasing metabolism and relieving fatigue. Reasonable number of the massages can burn fat achieving the effect of weight loss. Massages of reasonable speed can also promote gastrointestinal motility to help clean the intestinal tract.

What career is in need of a Percussion Massager ?
Workers, drivers, chefs, officers, computer workers, travelers, fat people or others? No matter what career you are engaged in; I am sure this massager is needed and will be loved.

A ideal selection for massage and weight loss
This massager is ideal for relieving any muscle soreness and fatigue at any part of the body. A soothing and perfect way of putting your body at ease from knots and stiff achy muscles. It genuinely offers the benefits of Weight Loss.

What annoying illness can be relieved via the massager ?
If you suffer from back pain, waist pain, leg pain or cannot sleep well: All can be relieved by the massage on offer. You also can purchase this primarily for your parents who would always experience some sort of pains. Its intensity helps to reduce or eliminate these types of pain.

Why you can choose us ?
✓ Multipurpose: Eliminating fat and relieving fatigue simultaneously
✓ Meet the needs: It conforms to almost every massage need. Four (4) attachments for different usages included.
✓ Reliable: Advanced system design after years of thorough research and testing.
✓ Portability with your massage: Lightweight (only 1 kg) yet powerful
✓ Easy to use: Ergonomic design for comfort and safety


Question: Is this really good for whole back? I have really bad back pain from upper shoulder till tail born.
Answer: Yes, we use this for all types of muscle. Our patients prefer this massager over many others that we have used. The level of pressure is easily controlled and the adjustable speed is easy to access even in operation. We highly recommend it.

Question: Do the heads percuss, rotate, or both?
Answer: Hello Carrie, heads just rotate. Good heat too.

Question: Can the mesh be washed & if so how?
Answer: Yes, the mesh can be HAND washed. Rinse it under running water, apply laundry or dish soap to clean it, then rinse well. Air dry. Voila! You’ve got a clean mesh. I love this Massager! It works really really well for sore muscles. Lots of power!

Question: Can you control the vibration?
Answer: You can control the intensity of the vibration by increasing or decreasing the intensity button.

Question: Does this have to be plugged in


Customer Review: An unforgettable massage at home. Priceless!


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