NURSAL All-in-one Foot Spa Bath Massager 500W | Rolling Massage & Precise Digital Control with Heat – High Quality Plastic


  • CONTROLLED HEATING: Temperature can be set to reach from 95°Fup to 118°F. Speed heating and maintaining a constant temperature. Massage and relaxation without the need to add any hot water during your foot spa session.
  • BUBBLES MASSAGE: Oxygen bubbles massage and water wave effectively promote blood circulation, improves metabolism and relieves fatigue.
  • ROLLING MASSAGE: 11 mini multi-rollers provide kneading massage to help relieve tired feet, soreness and foot aches. Please note that the rollers are not motorized ones.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PLASTIC: High temperature resistance and aging resistance, and secure multi-insulation protection. Safe and secure double overheating protection.
  • PRECISE DIGITAL CONTROL: Features digital control buttons and Led display to allow you to fully customize your foot spa massage according to your precise needs.


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Question: can you fill the tub with ice without damaging it?
Answer: I have used ice water .Worked just fine

Question: Do any of these foot spas help with dry calloused feet?
Answer: Yes, definitely.

Question: Is this thing loud when turn on?
Answer: This product is like the foot massagers used in salons. It’s pretty quiet and works very effectively.

Question: Can bath salts be used with this product?
Answer: I use epsome salt as I’m filling it so I’m sure it will dissolve and not hurt anything. My clients really like this pedicure tub, it’s not too loud and it’s keeps the water comfortable

Question: Can you fill this so the water comes up over your ankles?
Answer: Yes, there is a min water line and a max water line.

Question: Is there an easy way to drain water?
Answer: Yes enlarge the picture you’ll see it down in front near the bottom. It has Celsius measurements of heat.



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