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✔ 4 INTERCHANGEABLE NODES: This handheld massager meets all your massaging needs whether it’s for the feet, calves, thighs, back, waist, buttocks, arms or hands.

✔ PROMOTES BLOOD CIRCULATION & WEIGHT LOSS: It promotes blood circulation that, in turn, increases your metabolism. Through a reasonable number of massages, it burns deep fat to achieve a weight loss effect.

✔ RELIEF FATIGUE & PAIN: The deep-tissue percussion therapy massager can relieve muscle tension, knots, spasms, aches and pains. Deep tissue-massage helps in releasing trigger points, relaxing the muscles and gaining a greater range of motion.

✔ WIDE RANGE OF VARIABLE SPEED: The massager possesses a wide range of speeds tailored to achieve the effect you desire…every time. Enjoy a relaxing massage at work or at home with this portable massager.

✔ A GREAT GIFT: A thoughtful and perfect gift for any worker with arduous tasks and activities which are taxing on the muscles. The percussion massager is ideal for the in-between breaks to make their day more comfortable.


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This NURSAL massager is ideal for relieving any muscle soreness and fatigue on any part of the body.

A perfect way to soothe your body and relieve knots and stiff aching muscles. Also, it can genuinely offer a WEIGHT LOSS benefit.

Who can benefit from a Percussion Massager? 
Workers, drivers, chefs, police officers, computer workers, travelers and overweight people can benefit greatly from this type of massager. However, no matter what career you are engaged in, this massager will be loved by all.

What illnesses can be relieved via this massager?

— It promotes blood circulation thus increasing metabolism, in turn relieving fatigue. A reasonable number of massages can burn fat and can also promote gastrointestinal motility to help clean the intestinal tract.
— Additionally, if you suffer from back pain, waist pain, and leg pain or cannot sleep well, all can be relieved by the effects of this massager. It makes a great purchase for elderly people too, who often experience aches and pains of some sort. The intensity of this massager helps to reduce or eliminate the pain.

Why should you choose this massager?
✓ Multi-use: The four included attachments allow you try out different types of
massages and receive the different benefits they offer.
✓ Reliable: The advanced design has undergone years of thorough research and
✓ Portable: It’s lightweight at just 1kg, yet powerful.
✓ Easy-to-use: Ergonomically designed for your comfort and safety.

The following persons are not suggested to use this product:
1. Pregnant women, people with disabilities or those who have not recovered after
2. Patients with acute diseases or heart disease.
3. People with bone fractures, dislocations or other physical discomfort.

If in any doubt, please consult the advice of a doctor before using the massager.


If you have any problems with our products, just contact us.




Question: Is this really good for whole back? I have really bad back pain from upper shoulder till tail born.
Answer: Yes, we use this for all types of muscle. Our patients prefer this massager over many others that we have used. The level of pressure is easily controlled and the adjustable speed is easy to access even in operation. We highly recommend it.

Question: Do the heads percuss, rotate, or both?
Answer: Hello Carrie, heads just rotate. Good heat too.

Question: Can the mesh be washed & if so how?
Answer: Yes, the mesh can be HAND washed. Rinse it under running water, apply laundry or dish soap to clean it, then rinse well. Air dry. Voila! You’ve got a clean mesh. I love this Massager! It works really really well for sore muscles. Lots of power!

Question: Can you control the vibration?
Answer: You can control the intensity of the vibration by increasing or decreasing the intensity button.

Question: Does this have to be plugged in


Customer Review: An unforgettable massage at home. Priceless!

46 reviews for NURSAL Handheld Electric Massager | Full Body Massage Deep-Tissue Kneading Pressure

  1. Average-Connoisseur

    Handy device
    Had the product for about a week, it has been effective massager.

  2. Stacy Lee

    Awesome massager
    I love this massager it is very powerful and does an amazing job on my tight sore muscles

  3. Renee Davis

    Back pain relief
    Helps with the knots

  4. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Gives a nice massage

  5. Court79

    Good product.
    Pleasantly surprised by the firmness of the massage, and I don’t even use it on the max level. Only complaint is I wish the cord was a little longer.

  6. Mohammed sadakat

    Still on initial stage though but already love it! Definitely will come back after using a …
    I was looking for a handy personal massage thing and I found this product . Still on initial stage though but already love it ! Definitely will come back after using a little longer .

  7. Austin Cox

    Better then expected.
    Works better then expected.

  8. Ms. Nia

    Good massager!
    This massager is powerful. I have an ACL injury in my knee and this product helps me with the swelling and pain. Glad I bought it.

  9. Mary F Smith

    I bought this for my husband and he liked it a lot
    I bought this for my husband and he liked it a lot. I have problems with fibromyalgia it helped release pain in my muscles. I loved it.

  10. Izzi

    Really helps relieve tight muscles
    One of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time! I have been struggling with a repetitive mousing injury. Basically I work at my computer 9+ hours a day and click that darn mouse so much that the muscle in my forearm right below the elbow had been hurting for months. I’d had it massaged and that helped, but wanted a solution I could use at home when I needed it. This little machine is that solution! It is controlled by a round dial at the top of the machine that allows you to set the speed and intensity. You plug it in, and it’s ready to go. No charging needed. While the vibrations will be felt by the hand holding the unit, they are not annoying or numbing to the hand as I’ve found some massagers can be. There are four disc that can easily be switched out for a different type of massage. I used the one with the two dots to target my forearm with a deep muscle massage on one of the lowest settings and it worked really well. The machine also heats up the discs as you go, so it helps loosen the muscles even further. The discs spin when you turn it on, but once applied to the skin it is more of a vibration with slight back and forth movement. It is also fantastic on the shoulders, back, legs, and feet. I ended up giving my first one to my mother who was struggling with leg and foot cramps. Using it helped her sleep soundly through the night after having woken up in pain from a foot cramp. I ordered myself a replacement within a week of giving it to my mom. I’m very glad I gave this a try and definitely recommend it.

  11. Jill

    I am very happy with the NURSAL massager
    I am very happy with the NURSAL massager. It is compact and easy to use. Runs well and doesn’t seem to over-heat.

  12. Connie

    Nice body massage!
    It’s a plug in and I wish it was a hand held device.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Good little guy
    This thing is actually pretty decent. I’ve bought multiple massagers and none really seem to work all that great. Idk what it is about this one. But it works

  14. Mitchell

    Small but Powerful!
    Powerful massager. Fits easily in the hand. Not to heavy to be used by someone of small stature. Hands done the best investment I’ve made off Amazon.

  15. Joanne.C

    Feeling super comfortable after using this massager
    Feeling super comfortable after using this massager. I always feel painful about my neck or back if I work long time in front of the computer. This one is helpful for me to reduce the painful and feels great after I using it. I think probably would be convenient to carry during traveling too. However, I did not like the speed. It comes with fast speed at the beginning even though it points it is the slow speed. It will be prefect if that have slow speed at the beginning to let me get used to using it at first. Still is a good product even though has something that I did not like.

  16. Bruce

    Nice handheld massager
    This Handheld Massager is great for curing my neck pains and relieves stress. There are several levels of intensity depending on you liking and is portable, which is convenient.

  17. Connielin

    She is happy.
    I bought it for my mother. Her neck and shoulder are always sore. It is very effective in reducing soreness. She is happy.

  18. Tina

    works awesome! such a good price, love the heated feature
    works awesome! such a good price, love the heated feature.its very helpful to my back ,and make me relax!

  19. Angela

    The massager is light and easy to follow
    The massager is light and easy to follow, and it’s comfortable and has four functions. It’s convenient for you to carry along with you.

  20. ivy

    Five Stars
    It’s easy to use. It can be adjusted by itself. It’s comfortable and the quality is good.

  21. Anna

    My back has never felt better and my neck feels great too
    This massager is just what I needed. I work in jewelry meaning I sit in a chair all day which creates tension in my back and neck. When I used it my back was at its mercy. My back has never felt better and my neck feels great too.

  22. Jonny

    The massage effect is very good !!!!!
    This massager works very well, It is much better than the massage stick,My wife is not very good at lumbar vertebrae. Before buying a professional massage bed, then the person is prone to use it, Massage with this massager is much stronger than my hand, Thank you, seller.

  23. maggie

    Five stars
    Five stars for this, it’s a good quality product, it works good on the body, it is powerful,after use it,my body is really getting relaxed, I bought this for my mom,she loves it, and I am so happy! High recommend it!

  24. Michael Ng

    this is great massager, really good
    I bought this handheld percussion for almost a week,I and my wife used it every night ,very helpful for upper shoulder and neck pain message,it can relief my leg pain,it has speed reduced,also with three more massage heads,this is great massager,really good!

  25. Daniel

    I bought this device from my friend recommendation. Since …
    I bought this device from my friend recommendation. Since she has one. I tried hers before I bought it. This device functions well.

  26. Elynn

    I really like this massager
    I really like this massager, it can relieve the pain in my shoulders and waist, its pressure is strong enough to relieve the physical fatigue, before I let my son to massage my shoulders every day, now have it, I I could massage it on my shoulder myself, and my job so far gave me great satisfaction.

  27. Dubs30

    Great massager for the price!! Relieves my muscle soreness and pain.

  28. Bryan

    Simple awesome
    Small potable device you can carry with you or just simply message at home. Very Helpful for upper shoulder and neck pain and for stress relief. I could immediately felt heavenly stress relief in my upper back and neck, after putting it on.I love mine so much, I purchased extra more for my family members. This product really works. It feels great and has significantly helped me with my chronic neck pain and tension. A definite stress buster!

  29. guizhenpan

    just can not wait to open the day to try try did not think I used to work very tired time now back when the first time to massage the shoulder press finished a while comfortable, smooth my husband call me to say do …
    Surprise, just can not wait to open the day to try try did not think I used to work very tired time now back when the first time to massage the shoulder press finished a while comfortable, smooth my husband call me to say do not want me Reluctantly helped him massage for a while, he said so comfortable. I can introduce to friends to try

  30. Amazon Customer

    Quality handheld massager
    Quality handheld massager… Our patients love it!

  31. Sandra C. Stringer

    Five Stars
    It is definitely helping with my lower back pain. Thanks!

  32. Joni Mantle

    I received the Nursal handheld percussion massager and I like it, very easy to use and ergonimics on …
    I received the Nursal handheld percussion massager and I like it, very easy to use and ergonimics on the hand are great

  33. Katherine

    good to relieve muscle tension
    This handheld electric massager has four nodes, so it can be used for the feet, back and waist. It is good for office people, as it can relieve muscle tension.

  34. Amazon Customer

    I love this item
    I love this item . It is better than explained. Hits every spot . Nothing but smiles on my end . Came faster than expected . Item is larger than in pictures which is a plus .This massager has improved how I feel. My muscles are looser and I can move better. I highly recommend this product.

  35. Robert E. Kirk

    Excellent massager
    Very good massager, I was able to add a rubber cap from a cat food cover and some 1/8th inch foam to one of the heads and use the massager on my forehead and scalp. Works wonders for a headache and sore eyes. The other heads work well on neck,thighs,calves etc. Very powerful,good price.

  36. Diamonds100

    Handy and Powerful
    Very handy massager for a great price

  37. Margrods

    Works gread
    This massager really helped with my IT band problems. After about a week, my knee pain was gone. I asked my Chiropractor if it could be related and she said “yes!”. Thank you for a great product

  38. kevin

    This massager is very easy to use
    This massager is very easy to use. Horsepower is very fierce. When I work all day home, I use it to massage my feet. Arm. Back. Too relaxed and too comfortable!

  39. faycel

    I have a hip pain and really this machine helps a lot, I use it at the first day and I was impressive from the result and I recommended it for my friends

  40. Lnm84

    Powerful little machine!
    I bought this to release tension in my husband’s back and give my hands a rest, and it is great! He works with heavy machinery and at the end of the day is so tight and sore. This does a great job of working out any knots or soreness. It is very powerful, and has to be plugged in to work, but it does its job and it does it well.

  41. Courtney

    Great Tool!
    This massager is incredible. It is the tool I have been looking for! I thought the massager was going to be a smaller device, but it turns out it was much larger than imagined. I have smaller hands and it still fits comfortably and easy to handle. It does plug in to the wall, which I didn’t realize. However, it was still easy to use and maneuver. I used the product on my neck, where I tend to hold my stress and on my legs and feet. I’m a runner, so this worked out very nicely after a long run. There are multiple heads to exchange out which is very nice. The instructions were clear and clarify which attachment to use. Overall this is a great tool!

  42. Vika

    Loving it.
    The massager is more “powerful” than I had anticipated. It does feel good on my neck and shoulders for which I had purchased the massager. My only concern is the use of the different attachments. The cord is fairly short but I just use an extension cord. Otherwise very pleased, use for sore shoulders, low back pain, and plantar fasciitis. This Massager work very well giving you a deep massage and helping me sleep. Works great and the handle shape allows the user to reach sore places on the user’s back without causing extra muscle tension.

  43. 00_jackie_00

    OMG NURSAL handy power massager
    This massager is powerful! I liked to get Rolfing treatments so I like intense massages, but honestly I can’t go higher than the mid range with this. I love the different attachments. Although this week my favorite is the tai chi and my husband prefers the rounded sphere for his legs/ knees. it works great on my neck cervical area as well as my low back. This is a quality piece of equipment. It’s heavyand well made. Worth every penny. Do your body a favor and get it! Edited to add…. one our cats really it too! Weird I know, but she eats avocados too!

  44. Cathy Ng

    Five Stars
    It’s very well made, works well!

  45. spetti

    The best handheld convenience
    This massager has been just what I’ve been looking for. Love the convenience of it being a handheld and that you can target certain sore spots. I love that it comes with four different heads! Each head targets something different which allows you to get the most out of your massage. So far the sphere-massage head has been my favorite! I get a lot of tension headaches and this head is designed to target your neck and packs a good punch to get deep into the problem muscle. Definitely worth the price and buy

  46. schwartzy

    This is a pretty powerful massager. The only downfall, for me, is that you have to plug it in. I probably should have looked at the description better, but other than that, no complaints! I can definitely tell a difference in my aches and pains after using it last night. My husband is personally excited because now he doesn’t have to rub my back as much lol For the price especially, this is a great massager. Especially with all the attachments, which are super easy to swap out! Overall- great purchase!

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