NURSAL Rechargeable TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator, Professional Pain Relief TENS Machine for Pain Management and Rehabilitation


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  • Lightweight and portable: This TENS unit is small, compact but lightweight making portability easy and convenient. Its versatility is limitless, as it is simple-to-operate at home, work or on the travel etc.
  • Twenty (20) intensity levels of varying strengths: You can use “+”or “-”button to increase/ decrease the intensity levels, respectively. It is perfect for choosing the desired intensity required for your pain relief.
  • Eight (8) reusable premium electrodes: These electrode pads are reusable and uniquely contoured to suit any part of the body.  The use of cream or gel becomes obsolete. Multi-pad (6) application allows for different areas to be targeted simultaneously. N.B. At least two electrode pads need to be attached to the skin at any given time for the intensity function to be operable.
  • Twelve (12) modes: Twelve (12) high-frequency stimulation modes help accommodate your body’s different muscle groups including back, shoulder, hand, leg, feet etc.
  • Rechargeable electronic TENS unit: Adapts TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology which is clinically proven for safe and effective pain relief.


3 in stock

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NURSAL TENS- The best choice for your health
A nursing salon for your health! Health is wealth! NURSAL TENS machine aims to revitalize your body with the best nursing relax salon. Promotes optimum health thus allowing you to live a comfortable life without pain.

Simple design for powerful function 
-Adjustable 10-60 minute timer by using “T” button, dual-output design;
-With A/B channels, you can enjoy two (2) different massage modes simultaneously;
-Rechargeable internal lithium battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous use;
-Easy-to-read animated backlit LCD screen;
-A pause button (center button) you can click in the case of an emergency. It is recommended to use this button when removing\relocating the electrode pads.

The most powerful weapon for Pain
User-friendly interface makes this product the most powerful weapon in your fight against chronic pain. Extremely effective for every unthinkable ache and pain located at almost any part of your body. Use it on your wrists, hands, shoulders, elbows / joints, back, shoulders, calves, knees and so on.

1. This item is USB chargeable. There is no adapter for this unit.
2. Please place the electrode pads onto your skin firstly before you adjust the intensity.

What you will get:
Tens unit controller x 1pc
Electrode pads x 8pcs
Output wire x 2pcs
USB Cable x 1pc
Manual x 1pc
Electrodes collector x 1pc

61 reviews for NURSAL Rechargeable TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator, Professional Pain Relief TENS Machine for Pain Management and Rehabilitation

  1. Rachael

    A Must Have
    Can’t remember life without it. I have a lot of neck issues and this is a godsend when the muscles are pinching and bunching up or if you have a muscle cramp you can’t work out.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Would recommend to anyone who got relief during PT Tens treatment
    Works very well bring relief for pain in upper arm. Would recommend to anyone who got relief during PT Tens treatment. Works the same as the much larger unit PT had.

  3. David Hatcher

    It’s great and gives me the relief I’ve been looking for

  4. Annie

    Came exactly as described
    My physical therapist recommended this machine and it works great. Does exactly what I need for my muscles.

  5. Kai

    Very nice product for the price
    Really helped with my knee injury recovery. Made my knee more mobile. Highly recommend if you’re experiencing joint/ muscle stiffness / pain.

  6. Anand Motilal

    Good choice
    It is really more powerful than I expected. I have not charged it since I got it. I cannot use it on full power, so I am glad that I can use the different modes and power level to give me relief. Works really well on my lower back. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

  7. PurpleLeader


    It helps
    It helps, I like it

  9. BJW

    Great post op pain relief
    Pain relief after rotator cuff surgery.

  10. E Double

    This is just like the machine they use at PT
    It’s almost as good as actually going to physical therapy. I’m happy I have the something that I can use anytime I need too. Driving, walking or just sitting it’s wonderful.

  11. Amazon Customer

    looks great
    just started yesterday

  12. William G.

    Great Value
    Very effective. Easy to use and is a good value for the price

  13. Joy 1996

    Best Product for constain aches and pains
    Best pain relieving machine with pads. My first day using the machine I felt instant relief. I highly recommend anyone who suffers from constant pain or arthritis to order this product from Amazon. It’s worth the investment into healthy mobility.

  14. Boomer Sooner

    Surprisingly effective. Recommend.
    I honestly wasn’t expecting this little device to deliver such a strong or effective current. I’ve owned a medical grade stem device for fifteen years and have used it regularly for cervical neck pain. I have three levels fused and have dealt with chronic neck pain for Over 25 years so I’ve experienced many different tens and pain relief devices. I am thrilled to be able to recommend this little unit as a great way to deal with chronic neck and shoulder pain. I just put on 2 or 4 pads and set the pattern and intensity I want to use for my current need and let it go. It’s great for taking with you on the go thanks to its small, lightweight design. A great addition to my pain management toolkit.

  15. Daydreamer

    Highly Recommend
    This is the best Tens Unit I have ever bought. It actually works and feels better than the ones my chiropractor uses. It really helped me when my low back went out. After a few days of using, I had incredible improvement! I highly recommend.

  16. Dan

    Great alternative to pharmaceuticals
    This little machine is awesome! Great functionality for the price. The 2 channel intensity is pretty awesome too. I get bad sciatic pain and this is a more effective solution for me than any pills or exercises. Just get it, you won’t be disappointed!

  17. Augusto B. Tito

    Well Made Light Compact TENS machine
    The product came in a sturdy hard box,well sealed.The machine is made of light aluminum material with accessible controls.The screen is adequately lit with a blue color and has very readable icons. The intensity of the transmission current is controllable and gives a good relaxing massage. I enjoyed using this machine every after gym workouts and after my 12 hour shifts in the hospital. The battery life is also long.I’m very happy with this purchase!

  18. Kindle Customer

    Quality product
    Love this, we both use it a lot, very compact and easy to use. This model has quite a few settings, which makes it nice for different needs. I highly recommend this to anyone needing a quality unit.

  19. Johnny

    Works like a Charm
    I enjoy using this after workouts its been helping me a lot

  20. Amazon Customer

    Great Product
    Great product for those muscles aches, I’m a quadriplegic that have back pains & spasms often this unit helps

  21. Brittany Greer

    Works great! My husband has severe back pain and this has helped him a lot!

  22. EARL M.

    Unit works well !!
    The device really helped with my hip and knee pain.

  23. Davo

    Nice little device
    I purchased this as I had broken the display on my other Nursal unit. It works exactly as it should.

  24. dorfman

    Very compact and powerful
    Streamlined features

  25. redstar13

    Amazing little tens machine
    Its fantastic. It’s a powerful little machine that really is beyond anything I expected. It has helped me immensely and I talk about it all the time and recommend it highly.

  26. Robert

    It truly works! From time to time I get muscle soreness due to age, the very first time I used the Nursal I was amazed at how it helped. I travel quite frequently and never leave home without it.

  27. Sal Consiglio

    Great value
    I’ve purchase a similar product the was substantially more expensive, the NURSAL muscle stimulator is equally as good at a quarter of the price. good product, Great value!

  28. Amazon Customer

    It works!!!!
    Tight neck muscles. I am not in as much pain. Product is helping me release the tension in my neck.

  29. w g smith

    So easy to use… it works!
    Really helps my pain

  30. leah jurgensen

    Great for sore joints
    Husband loves it and uses it nightly for his RA pain

  31. andreav44

    Awesome! Great Investment
    This was my first time needing such a machine and my choice was random, but what an awesome selection it works very good, somewhat difficult to learn how to use at first but once you get the hang of it it works really good. I’m experiencing so much relief for my herniated disc

  32. Tracy McDonald

    Helps with sciatica !
    This helps with my lower back pain as I’m on my feet all day.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Not the same
    The ‘original’ was our favorite, with all the new pads and additions the machine itself isn’t as heavy duty. Does the job though

  34. D Grant

    Easy to use
    I’ve only had it a short time (about a month), but it is easy to use and seems to work well.

  35. Corey Masterson

    Great little machine
    Tens units are like a massage without the massage touch. This unit’s battery is amazing. I use this daily for about an hour daily while I relax in the evenings. Ive used the large pads for 3 weeks now after softball, kayaking for long trips and long car rides and it always feels great afterwards. I’ve only had to recharge the battery twice in three weeks. While the units power settings go to 20, I’ve only been able to get it up to 10 or 11 at the most but having 12 different pulse patterns is nice for different types of therapy.

  36. Malcolm J. Mitchell Paralegal

    Excellent 10’s Unit
    This little Tens unit is a powerhouse when used. Do not let its small size fool you, it is a very powerful unit. It comes with everything you need to help fight your pain and needs to relax. It pretty much has a mode for all of your needs and the Manual is very informative and useful. For the short money, you can not go wrong, I most highly recommend this product and the seller as well.

  37. Jeffrey H. Boatright

    Great unit for the price.
    Works really well. Battery lasts a long time. There are lots of “massage modalities” to choose from. Two functions I would have liked to have are 1) ability to channel A do one modality and channel B do a different modality simultaneously, and 2) have the two channels firing off at different times. Otherwise, I’m very satisfied and use it almost daily. Really helps with lower back pain.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Decent TENS unit
    As far as I can tell the product works very well. I don’t have to use it all the time, but when I do it helps relieve the pain. I will continue to use it as long as I can and as long as it helps me.

  39. Icepelt

    Great Product.
    I bought this unit for my daughter. She has slight hip pain and this unit has done wonders to help her pain..

  40. Christy Snyder

    Works great
    This product is awesome. Very portable and keeps a charge for a good amount of time. I would buy it again

  41. Jennifer

    Five Stars
    this is my 3rd tens unit but im getting them for friends and family too!

  42. Rosie

    Great product
    Easy to use, portable, and helps my back pain!!!

  43. SMc

    Love this. Helps my husband’s back and my neck.

  44. Amazon Customer

    It’s great! Takes away the pain.

  45. Jo Kim

    It functions great and battery lasts long
    It is my third purchase of the same Nursal massager. It functions great and battery lasts long.

  46. chad ward

  47. Patrick

    My first tens unit…not bad but could use more detailed information
    This is my first tens unit. If found that the unit was well made for the price. I’ve been experimenting with the modes to figure out what each one does. I found #7 to be my favorite so far. I wish there were more instructions to describe in detail what each mode does and what it was good for. I also wish you included some sort of acupuncture chart for placement of pads for various ailments and problems. Overall I’m happy with my purchase.

  48. LS

    Great product, great price. It works wonderfully on pain.
    Lifesaver for back and neck pain. Compact. Easy to Use. A friend lent me hers when I had a sever back spasm. It helped so much that I immediately went and bought one of my own and for a family member. Great product and great price. Highly recommend.

  49. Barbara Cooper Wall

    User friendly
    Efficient little machine. Seller helpful and cooperative in providing product support. Highly recommend.

  50. Amazon Customer

    Good value
    Easy to use, reasonable price

  51. TantumErgo

    Good basic unit
    I like the acupuncture setting the best. It seems to work the best to help relax muscle tension and release knots. Most of the other settings feel pretty similar though. The machine holds a charge well and goes a long time before needing to be recharged.

  52. Splashdjp

    Great Value!
    Ordered this based on a friends recommendation. My husband has been suffering from “tennis elbow” related to computer work. He raved about it from the first use – said “this feels so great on my arm.” He has been using daily for the last 7 days and it has provided him good relief. I’m also looking forward to trying as I get massive knots in my shoulders from stress. Highly recommend – an enormous value for the price and so compact Charges with a simple USB and has a variety of settings.

  53. FitPro56

    Portable & affordable
    I have used this Unit now for 4 months without problems for trigger points in my neck and upper back in conjunction with PT. It is easy to use and I can relax in my chair while using it, but it’s light enough that I can get up and see to something if I need to. Not as powerful as a professional model, but for the cost it feels great.

  54. maria

    so good..
    i got it last Monday and have been using it…and it’s helping with the tendonitis on my left arm….so far, so good….and I’m glad I bought it…

  55. mrbillhertz

    I strongly recommend it
    I use this product to rescue spasticity from a stroke. It works well and has many vibration patterns. One VERY unique features is the ability to use different intensity levels on 2 different sets of leads at the same time. I can use one set on my forearm and another for my bicep at separate levels and have ideal intensity for both. Just a few dollars more than the cheapest options and way better than the 2 previous ones I have used. If I could take 1/4 of a point off I would. It comes with a short micro USB cable and no charger head . No biggie.

  56. Bcc2000

    Five Stars
    Great TENS unit. I use it for any aches and pains. Faster and more effective than pain medication.

  57. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    My other one died and this is perfect and stronger. It works great and solves my problem.

  58. J. Hintze

    Works fine
    The unit works fine. I like that it charges via USB so it’s easy to charge anywhere. The pads that came with it seem to stick just fine. I do notice though, since I don’t use it every day, that when I do go to use it, the battery is typically drained. So the battery doesn’t seem to hold a charge very long even though the switch is turned off. But overall its a decent prodcut that works as expected

  59. MsShell

  60. CDW

    Easy to use any very effective for my lower back …
    Easy to use any very effective for my lower back pain. The setting starts at zero when the unit is turned on, so there is no chance of experiencing an unpleasant jolt from a setting that is too high. The electrode pads that came with the unit adhered well and are long lasting. I liked being able to choose from many different modes. I actually liked this so well, I purchased another for my daughter

  61. Amazon Customer

    Feelin Good
    This has been part of my shoulder rehab and I wouldn’t be without it

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