NURSAL Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Machine 2 Users


About the product
  • 【Double-User Mode】:Switch between 2 users to store measurements separately if sharing with a spouse or loved one. Automatically record up to 240 measurements with date and time for easy blood pressure tracking – great for doctor visits.
  • 【Portable Design】: Advanced intelligent pressurization technology with 8.7in – 16.5in (22cm-40cm) cuff support, All-in-one dual-sized comfort cuff to accommodate both medium and large arm circumferences ranging.
  • 【Large Screen】: Extra-large LCD display show clearly measurements. Energy-saving, it will automaticly turn off in one minute when there is no operation.
  • 【Time Display Change】: Displayed measurements include: systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate, date, time, and user. The YEAR/MONTH/DATE can be adjust to display.
  • 【User-Friendly & Everything Included】:One button push-to-start design make getting an accurate reading easy & fun. Package include: blood pressure monitor, one size fits most cuff (fits arms from 8 ¾” – 16 ½” in circumference), user manual and 2 Year Guarantee.



Product Description

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Question: There are 16 modes.On the directions they are numbered with sports mode being number 10. Does anyone know how to get to sports mode, knead, Thai, etc?
Answer: 1.Please press “M” to choose modes from the 6 circled parts.
2. Please press central button to choose different modes at the circle
Cupping 1
Cupping 2
Cupping 3

Question: Would these replacement pads work?
Answer: Hi, the item of your link cannot work. Please check this one:

Question: Can this be used on the head for headaches?
Answer: Yes. Works well on neck to help with headaches. Probably should not put electrodes on either side of head as this is not recommended.

Question: Is this a tens unit only, or is it also ems? i understand that these are very different therapies and want to make sure i get a product that does both
Answer: Hi, it’s ems and tens unit.

Question: Does the unit work while plugged into the wall? And i mean while being plugged in, not after its recharged.
Answer: Hi, this item not suggest to be used while plugged into the wall. Please use it after it has been charged. This item can ben used for about 10 hours after fully charged.

Question: How many pads can I use at the same time?
Answer: Up to six. And intensity decreases with each additional set.

Question: If i connect two set of wires simultaneously will both work?
Answer: Yes, it does

Question: Is this backlit? So I could see the screen in the dark?
Answer: Yes, you can see the screen in the dark.

Question: What is the size of the unit?
Answer: Very small fits in your hand or pocket

Question: is FDA Approved?
Answer: Yes, it has been approved bY FDA and the certificate number is K143268.

Question: Do you place the pads on the acupuncture spots show or do you place one on each side of the point
Answer: For the accupuncture function, it provides you the feeling like the accupuncture. You can put the pads at any spot( below the neck) you want to do the massage.


Customer Review: Simple with lots of electrode shapes/sizes

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Customer Review: Easy to use at-home TENS unit for electrostim therapy

Customer Review: Works great easy to use


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