NURSAL White Noise Machine Sound Machine for Sleeping & Relaxation with 10 Natural Sounds, Portable Sleep Therapy


About the product
  • 10 HIGH QUALITY NATURAL SOUNDS: Rainforest, birds, waves, summer night, wind, white noise, clock, rain, brook and mother’s heartbeat
  • SMART MEMORY FUNCTION: The previously set volume level, audio track and timer will be remember when you power on the sound machine
  • EASY USING: Choose either continuous play or set the auto-off timer in 30,60,120 minutes, powered by 2 AA batteries(not included) or DC input with USB cable(NOTE: Adpater is not included,but it comes with one usb cable )
  • IDEAL FOR TRAVEL: This sound machine is only 5.3 *2*2 inch, it fits easily into a bag or suitcase, making it the perfect travel companion
  • WARRANTY: We’re committed to quality customer service that’s just as impressive as the sound therapy sleep machines we make! Purchase confidently and sleep a little sounder knowing your white noise maker comes with a 12-month Warranty!


How does the white noise work?

The sound contains a lot of different tones, but each tone has the same intensity. monotonous,predictable and boring. That’s exactly what your brain needs during sleep .And it also can drowns out loud noises so you are less likely to hear them. Plus, the monotony of white noise makes it easy to ignore. So it is unlikely to prevent you from falling asleep in the first place. Scientific research shows that white noise can really help sleep, and also improve memory.

10 soothing sounds

The sleep therapy sound machine creates consistent and all-natural sounds to mask out bothering noises. it is helpful for insomniacs,baby and the family bothered with any kinds of noise .Choose the white noise machine and choose the quality sleep for you and your family .You can also buy it as a gift for your parents .

Take soothing sounds anywhere

Different from larger sound machines, this white noise machine is portable and light-weight to carry .And it only needs two AA batteries which you can use the white noise machine anywhere ,such as your office and the way of travel .It is so convenient.

Auto-off Timer

Conserve energy while you sleep with an optional 30, 60, and 120-minute automatic shut-off timer. Integrated premium speakers with adjustable volume control, allows you to select the volume that’s right for your room and comfort level.

Package list:

1 * Sleep Sound Machine

1 * USB cable

1 * user manual


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