Professional Infrared Ear Thermometer for Instant Measurement – Digital Colorful LCD Display and Sound Alarm


  • Fast and easy to use: Designed for comfort and convenience, this ear thermometer provides clinical and clinically accurate temperature readings in just 2 seconds with the push of a button.
  • BACKLIT LCD display: The ear thermometer is equipped with a large LCD display with digital readings. It does not require ear protection and provides results in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Setting the C / F switch: When the thermometer is turned on, press and hold the On / Memory button and the measurement button simultaneously, it will be changed.
  • Accurate results: This infrared thermometer uses advanced medical infrared technology for very accurate temperature measurements between 35 and 42 °C. Provide accurate, accurate readings in the ±0.2°C or ±0.4°F range.
  • Sound and color alarms: When the body temperature is normal, the backlight turns green. In addition, the yellow or red backlight indicates slight or high fever, respectively. If you have a fever, the thermometer will also sound an audible alarm.
  • Reading measurements: This digital thermometer can store the last 10 readings to monitor your baby’s temperature.

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The infrared thermometer supports quick and convenient measurements and offers the very precise measurement results. In this respect it is suitable for all age groups – particularly natural Suitable for those who suffer from Fever. It is also designed for hospitals, community centres, nurseries or for your home.

The product features:
a. Measurements in just 2 seconds: The thermometer offers quick clinically precise measurements in just 2 seconds by pressing a single button.
b. Color and cound alarm: If the temperature is between 37.4 and 38 °C, it will be back light yellow lights. When the heat is more than 38 °C, A bright red background. In both situations have fever.
c. Memory for 10 measurements: This thermometer can store up to 10 measurements.

How can the ear temperature to be measured?
Position the measuring sensor, gently inside the ear and press then place it on the measuring button. After a short time you hear a beep. Remove the thermometer now from the ear and the measurement is displayed on the LCD display. If the baby is older than 1 year, press and hold the ear please slightly at the top. It is under the age of one year warranty, please pull the earrings back slightly.

How can be changed between ° C and ° F?
When the thermometer is, press and hold the On/Off and the measuring button. The main measuring unit is changed.

Tips Before measure:
1 The probe should be clean without dirty and foreign body
2. if you measure, emotional stability to be.
Please read these instructions carefully and thoroughly before you use the device. This also contains important safety data sheet.


Question: Is this really good for whole back? I have really bad back pain from upper shoulder till tail born.
Answer: Yes, we use this for all types of muscle. Our patients prefer this massager over many others that we have used. The level of pressure is easily controlled and the adjustable speed is easy to access even in operation. We highly recommend it.

Question: Do the heads percuss, rotate, or both?
Answer: Hello Carrie, heads just rotate. Good heat too.

Question: Can the mesh be washed & if so how?
Answer: Yes, the mesh can be HAND washed. Rinse it under running water, apply laundry or dish soap to clean it, then rinse well. Air dry. Voila! You’ve got a clean mesh. I love this Massager! It works really really well for sore muscles. Lots of power!

Question: Can you control the vibration?
Answer: You can control the intensity of the vibration by increasing or decreasing the intensity button.

Question: Does this have to be plugged in


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